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Meet Er. Rohit Gupta

I was born into a middle class family and most of our family members and I think this drew me towards teaching at the very young age of 23. Since childhood I have been an all-rounder, may it be Bhangra, Basketball, Cricket, academics, science fair I have represented my school in all the fields. 


But as I grew I got to understand that there is a certain time to do all the things.

I kept myself away from the bad influences that one encounter in school in class 9th and 10th. And one way to do it is self-introspection and sharing things with your parents or siblings. I think I have shared everything with my other since my childhood. 

I went to Chandigarh to prepare for IIT-JEE. And fortunately, I got into a very good company and worked really hard. It was one the most difficult phase of my life, but the end result was quite fruitful. I got admitted into my dream college Punjab Engineering College (PEC) in Chandigarh itself. I think the preparation of 11th and 12th instils a new energy into a student by teaching him how to stay away from home, how to manage yourself, how to protect yourself from bad company and many things else. And reaching your goals calls for sacrifices. I still remember I didn’t even watch single match of cricket or touched the cricket bat in that entire two years phase. But the road ahead was even more beautiful.

As soon as I entered the college, only thing in my head was to play cricket. I was denied entry to the college cricket team. But I did not stop. I did all the things from carrying bottles, towels everything. I went to nets daily and played and played for hours. And finally, the opportunity came for me in the form of cricket league that was going to take place in our college. My dream to play with red ball with white trousers was fulfilled. I continued the same routine for first 2 years of my college and parallelly my grades were slipping out my hand.

In the 3rd year I got serious regarding life. I decided to work more on my academics again and parallelly I enrolled myself for UPSC coaching. This was best thing that happened in my life at that time. The preparation opened the whole new world for me. I was introduced to new ideas and my perspective towards life changed. I was never in the mood to do corporate job and after college I continued with my preparation. At last, due to some personal issues I had to give up my preparation and that is when I decided to open an institute in my home town.

Opening a institute at the age of just 23, is the bravest decision I took in my entire life. I taught just 1 student for 1st seven months. There were also the days when I cried, doubting my own decision to choose teaching as a career option. But I always believe your hard-work, focus and consistency may make you tread all the rough waves you may encounter. And in about one and half years I started getting good response and my love for teaching is growing day by day. Now looking forward I want to take this institute to great heights and wish to create a difference in my students life.


About PRANS Classes

In 2020, Er. Rohit Gupta started this institute with just 1 student. Firstly, let us talk about the name of the institute. No one is able to figure out what PRANS actually means. It’s just an abbreviation for the names of all the daughters who have been part of our family.
P- Pushpa
R- Rukman
A- Addha
N- Neena
S- Shruti
PRANS Classes try to give students the type of education, for which they have to run to big cities like Bathinda, Patiala, Chandigarh etc. As our mission reads, we focus on enriching students with values and discipline that they will require in higher classes. The competitive spirit that takes out the best from the student is generated through regular tests. We try to provide students with all the amenities they need. We believe in hard-work, discipline and focus towards one goal. We wish to chalk down success stories year after year.