Look around yourself and observe successful people. You will feel the charisma in their personality, they will stand out from the crowd and the way they carry themselves is just amazing. Thinking about all this I questioned myself, how they might have achieved this? What path they might have taken to reach there? What sacrifices they might have made to achieve that level of self-confidence. Let us try to analyze by taking example of some of the greats.

Firstly, my favorite Virat Kohli. The Aura, The Vibe, The personality and most importantly clarity in his thought process is just unmatchable. And looking into his journey it all started with taking bold decisions at the early stages of his life. He was in just 4th class when he compelled his coach to make him play with children who were much elder than him. This shows the mindset of a person. He just not wanted to be the best but he also wanted to compete with the best. The next incident in his life always gives me goosebumps and can never imagine myself taking that bold decision. According to his mother, his father’s death changed him. On the day his father died, he performed the last rites after playing the cricket match for his state. That match, we might think doesn’t mean anything in his cricketing career, but it speaks a lot about how the person thinks approaches is goals. And finally in 2013, after losing the track in his life, the way he jumped back by transforming himself in all facets of his life, is just unimaginable. Tamim Iqbal (Bangladeshi cricketer) once remarked that he was in tears after seeing Virat Kohli grinding in the gym. He said that he felt so small, that after so much success and talent, Virat is still putting in efforts 10 times more than me. Virat’s journey teaches us how to believe in yourself, how to shut the noise from outside, how to accept your weaknesses and most importantly how to be humble.

Coming to next personality let us talk about Billie Eilish. An American singer. When I first discovered her songs, I was like wow!! At the age of just 21 she has won 7 grammy awards and I am telling you this is a huge achievement. I don’t really know lot about her but if you look at her you will surely notice the difference. In her interviews she regularly talks about how many friends she has lost to achieve all this, how long she has been working on her art. Once again, the clarity in the thought process is worth appreciating.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to just trust one thing on your road to success and i.e  “Don’t focus on results just focus on the process, the results will come itself.” This is the famous line quoted by one of the sharpest brains in cricket, MS Dhoni.

It’s just about mindset. Everyone achieves that mindset sooner or later, it’s up to you when you want to start. Sooner you start, better it is. Remember that God always give a second chance, but why not grab the 1st chance itself. 

We are most energetic at the young age. So, it’s imperative to use this energy positively and remember we will meet many new people in these years and most of them will be temporary. Don’t ruin your life for that short period of happiness, set long term goals for yourself, and to achieve them just focus on yourself, build yourself, distant yourself from negativity and just trust the process…..   

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