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In each and every year of our life we encounter many new things and feelings. We are often confused about the choices we have ahead of us and as a human we are very liable to get attracted to many wrong things because these things seem attractive in the short run. Then, how can a student choose the right path? This is where the magic of guidance comes into picture. An elder person who has already been through such a phase becomes very crucial. A student in his class 9th-12th encounter many new things. Some of these are pressure of studies, physical and biological changes, changes in mindset and germination of new feelings and thoughts. A person who has been through this age knows how important these years are to decide our future. But we expect the same from a student. Is it possible that a student can foresee what his actions will fetch him in his future? Absolutely not!! Students are not so wise. His mind is filled with a new type of energy, and he craves for short term happiness. As a parent or teacher, we cannot just bluntly shout at the student and set them on the right path, because he doesn’t know what the right path is and what will it bring to him/her. And it is a lot more difficult in today’s world where negative content is just one click away. Students often portray themselves as a cool kids on social media and other students are liable to copy him or get attracted towards him. And this often creates a vicious cycle and one’s a student gets stuck in this cycle it is very difficult to come out of it.

So, what role can we play as a teacher or a parent? I will firstly talk about how I deal with these things. Firstly, never make a child realize that he is not worthy of doing anything good. Very often I share about my experience as a teenager and how I was also trapped into a bad company in class 9th. There was a boy in our class. He was that one cool kid. Owning a personal computer, personal bike, cool hair style and at that age I wanted everything he had. I started staying with him for hours after school. He taught me many things which I wished I never knew at that age. The way I talked, the way I used to think, everything changed. And from 95% in class 8th, I fell to just 83% in class 9th and I still remember how I cheated in my science exam. So, I didn’t even deserve the percentage I got. It was not that I didn’t know in class 9th that I was on the wrong track but remember one way leads to the other and for me I think I felt that there was no coming back. The percentage I got was an eye opener for me and it was good I got a shock at such a young age. I discussed things with my parents and I cut off all the distractions and the group I was hanging out with. The result I got in class 10th were fantastic and I got 3rd position in class 10th. But remember your past will definitely haunt you in future. We all know that class 11th is just an extension of class 9th and I still remember how much I struggled in class 11th because my concepts were not clear. But I treaded the way by staying in good company and keeping my focus intact. Now this story of mine resonates with almost every student, this creates a sense of belonging with the child. Be open with them, don’t just be a parent or a teacher, be their friends. Let them talk about how they feel with you openly and freely. Then the most important step is to guide them with how big life is. Tell them how the sacrifices made by them today will beautify their future. How these 4 years can transform them into a new person and what good things are waiting for them in future. Share success stories of different people and also discuss failure of different people and highlight major incidents from the life of people who failed or succeeded. Make them aware that all the feelings they experience now are just temporary and will fade away soon. Talk with them about their goals and make them believe that they can achieve their goals. Be ready to handle their stress and anger. Help them at each and every step, shout when needed and pour love when required. Tell them the bad effects of social media, roaming on bikes, watching negative content etc. Just make them believe that you are there for them throughout their journey.

In whole never expect a child to know what is good or what is bad for them. They need guidance like we needed at our time. And in today’s world where distractions have peaked, guidance becomes much more important. I have been more than a teacher to 4-5 students of mine. And believe me I see a lot of changes in them. They have cut off social media when made aware about how it plays with your mind. They have cut off the wrong group when made aware how one bad person can ruin your mind. One student who was addicted to playing games on mobile has not touched the mobile since last 6 months and this they have done on themselves, there was no coercion involved. And I also walk an extra mile for these students, either by talking to them personally or by solving their doubts on mobile.

So, whether you are a teacher or a parent, just become a good guide. And remember your guidance will create many more good guides for the generations to come.

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