My Short Voyage!!

So today i.e 26th March, 2023 I have completed 2 years of my teaching journey. Looking back I can say that the journey has been a great learning experience for me. Till 2021, I have viewed my life from the perspective of a student but from the last 2 years I have been viewing it as a teacher. So today through this blog I would like to share my journey.

I started things from scratch and with a heart filled with anxiety. In my first class there were 5 students and the very next day the number dropped to 2 and finally after 3 days the number dropped to 1. I still remember that there used to be a small window in the room through which I could see the street and everyday I used to reach my classroom 20 minutes early with a heart filled with anxiety and go sit near the window, to see if that 1 student would come. Overall, I was just focusing on the number of students. I used to mop the floor myself because I couldn’t afford any employees. But as the time passed and no new student joined me, I sat in my bedroom and talked to myself and said, “Look, things are not as easy as I expected.” And from that day I started focusing on myself and just planned out each and everything. I started by making notes for each and every subject. I recalled everything that the institutes in which I studied in class 11th and 12th used to do to make me better. I started typing assignments day and night. I stopped looking into the number of students I am teaching and focused on giving my best to that one student. Along with teaching I also started focusing on my managerial skills. I saved each and every assignment, each and every test I took and each and every result in my laptop. Again these things might seem easy but I can tell you that I had to sacrifice a lot to start building a good work ethic. After 5-6 months of doing this with one student, my confidence brewed inside me and there was a newborn belief that yes I will surely make it and yes I understood that the things will take time. At the end of my first year the number reached 10. But now it didn’t bother me if there were 10 or 15 or 1, because I started focusing on the things which are under my control. And things which are under my control are, sticking to my principles, maintaining a good work ethic and never compromising with the quality of work.

Now comes the year 2022, parallel to class 10th, I started class 9th. And this step came with many more challenges.  As the number of students slowly spiked, the habits I inculcated in 2021 came to my rescue. I knew how to make assignments, my class 10th notes were ready so I could design my class 9th notes parallelly without any difficulty. But due to the pressure of 8 subjects in total I started to forget things. But there was a way out and that was sacrificing some more. I stopped going out on Sundays as well. Before my class started at 3:00pm, I used to study 3-4 hours daily and imagined my whole lecture before entering the class. 

Good habits, give good results. The response from the 9th class was excellent and from the room with the capacity of 18, I renovated the room to the capacity of 32 within just 10 days. And as I expected the room filled within 5-10 days. Now when I entered into the september,2022 I started realizing that yes, I can make it big. I knew that time had come to realise my dream of making a full-fledged institute in my town. By discussing it with my family I started renovating the whole building. I took a room on rent and temporarily shifted there. Parallel to teaching and managing the students, the duty of looking into the construction site also added up and this made the last 4 months the most difficult months in my life.  But I didn’t want to compromise with the quality I have been providing to my students. If I have to take a test, I will. It’s a routine in my institute that I give back tests after checking after 1-2 days. I would compromise with my sleep but I made sure I would return the tests. Finally the hectic 4 months passed and yes the result was beautiful. Now I have a place where I can provide even more facilities to myself and also my students. And looking forward I just want to keep on giving my best and stick to my principles.

My journey has just begun. I know the road ahead is even more difficult because the growth is easy but maintaining the consistency is the most difficult part.


  1. really u r a very hardworking guy……… my sincere wishes for ahead……… Continue doing hardwork …

  2. Wonderful growth of your institution is a reflection of the quality of teaching and its positive effect on the growth of students. Your innovative teaching methods are commendable. I wish you a great success.

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