Start Young

At one point in life we start to realize that how important it is to do certain things at certain times to set a platform for ourselves in future. Through this blog I would like to share the importance of starting early in life by giving example of my own personal experience.

To achieve our goals in life we need to do lot of things and that too in a right way. But for me the timing is the main key and therefore starting young in life becomes lot more important. Now what does this phrase means? For achieving a dream to become a sports personality, IITIAN, Doctor the most important thing is that we give ourself enough time. Starting early gives us that little edge over others as we get time to rectify our mistakes, we get more time to analyse our weaknesses, we get more time to practice and most importantly we get enough time to get acclimatize to the process of preperation.

Now the question comes, how the hunger to start young can be germinated in a child? There are two ways, one way is through coercion. This method doesn’t help in long run as this is not an organic way. The 2nd way to make the child aware about what he can achieve and how his/her life will get better by giving his/her all for the next few years. And this comes from persons self-motivation and the by showing the person virtual results of his/her hardwork. 

Looking back into my life when I was relatively young, till 9th standard I was not aware at all. I was just like an average kid, trying to impress everyone. I still remember it was in class 10th when I started distancing myself from unwanted friends and activities. I carried on this process till class 12th. This three-year period helped me a lot and I got a seat in good engineering college. Again for 1st 3 years in engineering college I was repeating same mistakes and I think that 3 year period added very little to my personal development. Again at the age of 21 something clicked inside me and I took control of myself and since then I am happy that I continued with that same momentum.

Now if we discuss this with a 9th or 10th standard student, his/her first question will be, but when will we enjoy? No one stops you from enjoying, the only key is to just focus on what’s important. Enjoy in a way that you don’t get deflected from your goal, don’t indulge in activities that might seem attracting but have a very bad impact in future. Now, how to judge is your friend circle good or bad, is the activity your are indulging in is good or bad? So, whenever the slightest doubt or question arises in your mind regarding certain thing, distance yourself from that thing or feeling at that very moment. 

So just remember, start young, start sacrificing, enjoy the process, don’t be too harsh on yourself, trust the process and just fit this in your mind that, everything pays off in the end.

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