The Pandemic And Students

Look around yourself, may it be society, may it be our health, may it be our living style or may it be our mental health, each and everything has changed and have been affected since the COVID entered our world. Sometimes I cannot even fathom that we use to live in a normal world. Thinking about the day it will end, make me feel surreal. 

Globalization has declined, businesses are facing troubles and there exists a situation of a never ending chaos around us. Leave the ones who have contracted this virus, the ones who are safe till now are equally disturbed due to plenty of reason. From money to social activities there is deficiency of everything. From a small laborer to biggest leaders of the world, every one is in the state of panic. Via today’s blog I would like to analyse the impact of Covid on school going students.

School is not just a place to study and cram things. It is a storehouse of many things combined together. This ranges from social activities, sports, co-curricular activities and many more such things. Sports keeps a student healthy. Dance; music; dramas; quizzes etc keeps students socially active and mentally woke. Many social welfare schemes run by the government like mid-day meal, which have a very wise motive behind them are not able to achieve their aim. Talking about mid-day meal, other than it’s nutrition perspective it is one of the most socially engaging activity. Students from all the castes, religions, genders sit together and have their meal under one roof. Social outcomes achieved by these schemes cannot be achieved by sitting in front of computer and mobile screens. There are several other social activities that operate at both latent and manifested levels which students are missing due to covid.

We must understand  that academics is just one of many limbs of a school and covid has starved students of all the other limbs. Coaching institutes, tution, home education etc. can compensate for academics but it is school and only school that can make a student to participate in all the other activities. Can we think of any secondary centers (on the line of coaching centers) which can help in socializing students?

Talking about the use of modern technology in education during pandemic. Is it good or bad? It is good, but upto some level. Over dependence on technology at such a young age will  harm students in a long run. For eg. increased screen time will make students more lethargic. Over dependence on technology for finding solutions to the problems will cut of peer to peer discussions and also hamper student’s own aptitude. Moreover, uncertainty about the future and date of exams have started taking toll over students mental health.

Summarising, I would just like to say that, in the long run impact of pandemic on the life of the students will be drastic and I hope pandemic ends soon making way for the students to visit their second home without any worries. 

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